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When we talk about curing one’s stress, it is no doubt it would be impossible to cure the stress by eliminating all happenstance of stress from one’s life. Life just wouldn’t allow that. The idea is to practice long and short term strategies in one’s live to minimize stress and the effects of it.

Unfortunately many individuals that find themselves under stress tend to let build up and ignore it for far long. People many times let job or career needs and goals as the reason or feel their current situation as unchangeable. Life just happens many will say, however, no form of ill-effect is inevitable, nor is it necessary or wise to passively accept one.

The first step to successfully managing the stresses of life is always to increase one’s awareness in a couple of directions – quite simply outwardly and inwardly.

Be conscious and in touch with that of your internal state and learn to evaluate it as realistically as is possible. Be pragmatic and objective about the external circumstances that affect each day. When you are confronted with one of life’s legitimate worrisome or stressful situations, reacting with concern and a degree of stress is normal and healthy. However, unreasonable fear and negatively obsessing are not.

It sounds oh so simple but it is the truth… take a moment to breath - literally. Learn to take a deep breath and give yourself a chance to gather your thoughts when a stressful situation occurs.

Stress has the tendency to cause tension, usually muscle tension. Neck muscles will sometimes stiffen and breathing will often become shallower. When you catch you body beginning to react as such, make a conscious effort to take a moment for composure. Make yourself physically loosen up and relax your muscles… and by all means, take a deep breath or two.

No need to overdo the strategy. You don’t have to break out into some yoga routine or go into some Zen like state and don't start hyperventilating. Relax the neck and chest muscles… a slow deep breath or two is often enough to break the tension.

These types of suggestions are effective primarily for acute stress – which is the type that is produced by an isolated event and lasts a short time. For chronic stress however (that which results from ongoing circumstances and unending self circumstance) additional techniques and strategies are needed.

Sometimes an incredibly simple solution such as a brisk walk can be helpful. You might be quite pleasantly surprised how a consistent rush of fresh air and sunshine can be relaxing. Let’s also never forget that getting moderate amount exercise or physical activity goes a long way in relieving many of the accompanying physical symptoms of stress.

Diverting your focus from any given stress agent can also quite an effective strategy. Many times just losing yourself in some relaxing music can be very helpful.

Take time to laugh. Laughter is an excellent medicine in combating one’s stress. Go see a silly comedy. Not only will the laughter do you good but so will the time away from your stress be beneficial.

Take the time to engage in something you truly like to do such as a creative activity or a hobby. This is especially true if the activity is accompanied by some physical activity.

Whatever you do, don’t let the stress get the better of you by letting it build up. Find a friend and take the time to ‘vent’… purge the stress. The cautionary not with this strategy is not to turn the venting session into a negative breeding ground that will only build momentum for the stress. In other words, a good airing is beneficial, but too many times it's an excuse to obsess over the problem. If you feel like you need to talk with someone, by all means get together with someone, but do not seek out the type of person that will only reinforce and perpetuate the negative mental environment.

Be mindful that these are all techniques to help relieve symptoms, they don't address the underlying causes.
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Beating Stress

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This article was published on 2007/02/27