Dealing With Workplace Stress That Can Kill a Marital Relationship

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Everyday, there are thousands of evidences to show that stress plays a vital role in several health problems. Stress at workplace is often as a result of lack of plan for daily routines leading to poor performance and emotional breakdown due to accumulation of tasks. Continuous emotional breakdown will definitely damage your marital relationship. There are several ways of dealing with stress:

1. Identify the stressors
Know the sources of stress at your workplace. To do this, check the rate at which your colleagues are absent and why. Good stressor controls can be achieved by clearly defining your priorities so as to avoid time wastage. You need to also develop job-related skills so as to become competent. Be proactive to situations by foreseeing possible problems and acting before such occurs. Have a good communication skill so as to reduce conflict to the barest minimum. Keep yourself updated with organizational changes in your job roles so as to plan well

2. Seek fun and friendship
Life is not about work all the time and looking so serious like a Spartan soldier prepared for war. Make friends with colleagues, share life experience and see ways of making positive impact in their lives. Enjoy your work for the time you are there

3. Reduce anger
Anger could result due to so many tasks at hand and being unable to meet deadline as well as lack of being appreciated for you r effort. Reduce anger to the barest minimum by planning your work schedules effectively so as to meet deadlines. You can then resort to relaxing after the task is completed. This will help you in listening properly to your spouse while discussing at home as there are no reserves of aggression in you

4. Embrace nature
Nature is man's refuge from daily life's stress. Time spent on a weekend at a park or on the hills alone or with your spouse, looking at many pleasing plants and flowers, normalises your emotions from the daily stressors at work.

5. Breathe deeply
Optimal breathing helps in reducing body stress levels and increase performance. Inhale slowly and deeply, letting your abdomen expand like a balloon. Exhale letting your abdomen fall as you release all the air and repeat this a few times.

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Dealing With Workplace Stress That Can Kill a Marital Relationship

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This article was published on 2010/03/28