Essential Oils Good For Stress

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Essential Oils For Stress Remedy

A lot of people say that aromatherapy is the best stress reliever! Aromatherapy in the form of a massage or bath is equally relaxing. The sense of smell is the only sense that routes directly to the part of our brain that deals with stressful experiences. During an aromatherapy session, scent from a massage or a compress of pure essential oils makes sure that your senses are completely alert. The oil's molecules enter either our sinus cavities or skin, pass through the membranes, enter the bloodstream and travel all the way to the brain.

Once these molecules are inside the body, they will head to your mind and cut straight through everything you are thinking at the moment. Thus, you will forget about your worldly woes and become immersed in a very relaxing journey.

Aromatherapy is usually administered with a large range of wholesale arometherapy essential oils that are available in the market. Most of the essential oils are very effective and work as an anti-stress tool to fight against daily life stress causers. Cedarwood, chamomile, clary sage, geranium, lavender, patchouli, pettigrain, sandalwood, vetivert and ylang ylang are some examples of anti-stress oils. But there's still more!

Here are some great essential oils that will take you to a world of calm and relaxation in the matter of seconds:

  • The lavender herb instantly refreshes your thoughts of negative feelings and memories. This is an essential oil which is gentle to the skin and can be applied directly to almost all skin types. It helps clear out stress extensively.
  • Cedarwood is essential oil extract from cedar. It is useful in developing focus, concentration, and works against mental strain, worry and anxiety.
  • Ylang ylang is good for balancing hormones which fluctuate due to changing cortisol levels in both males and females. Ylang ylang is also great in relieving anger and balances our energy.
  • Chamomile oil has been commonly used by mothers to calm their crying children. It works well in preventing stress and tantrums. It is an excellent ingredient in calming and relaxing during an aromatherapy session. Chamomile can also do wonders against depression and insomnia.
  • Geranium helps improve our regeneration and restores our balance. It's very good in battling stress, confusion, anxiety, anger, and apprehension. It is useful in regaining tranquillity and humour, and also boosts the immune system.
  • Patchouli is a great oil for restoring vigor, lucidity, stimulation and persistence in your body and can also fight against stress related attributes, tension, indecision, anxiety, fatigue and laziness.
  • Vetivert is also a great oil for when you're facing stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, overwork, agitation and even exhaustion. It is a very helpful oil in calming down people's nerves and helping them focus on their important matter.

There are different aromatherapy recipes that a lot of people use during an aromatherapy session. It can also be used as a healthy perfume in your daily life to keep you away from routine stress or can be associated with any activity during the day.

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Aromatherapy is usually administered with a large range of wholesale arometherapy essential oils that are available in the market.

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Essential Oils Good For Stress

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This article was published on 2010/10/27