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Let's define STRESS, shall we.

According to most books, Stress is a biological term which refers to human or animals' failure to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined. It was endocrinologist Hans Selye who introduced the word "STRESS" in the 1930s to identify physiological responses in laboratory animals. He later broadened and popularized the concept to include the perceptions and responses of humans trying to adapt to the challenges of everyday life.

But how can Human Stress be better explained than in real life?

Like most of you, I live in a busy city with lots and lots of busy people - 1,330,044,544 to be exact. You got it! I am in Beijing, China. A huge place where only 0.77% of the population speaks my language, which is English. I speak very little Mandarin just enough sentences to get by everyday. Hail the Divine for the concept of charades, I manage to survive in this country for 588 days and counting.

Ask me of stress, I give you My Life.

I am a writer who beats deadlines, a "practicing" housewife to a travelling businessman, a doting mother to a playful poodle, and an only child to a religious widow. I juggle jobs with responsibilities that I often miss what many refer to as "having fun." Then I hear people complain about how stressful their lives can be because they are flooded with so much housework, schoolwork, paperwork, labwork, heartache, headache, toothache? People complain about money, jobs, personal relationships and a whole lot of other things. Psychologists often refer to these issues as stresor(sssss). [We can always add up more "S" depending on your situation.]

One day, I had enough of my friend's complaining that I decided to share to her my own recipe to fighting stress and staying sane. Note that not everything on my list may be considered as "healthy" depending on your career, lifestyle and prejudices - say, different strokes apply to different folks, but it may always work for starters:

1. Make sure to wake up everyday. Stay alive, period. You're the best person to solve your issues anyway.
2. Sleep in one bed, with the same man. Not unless you are in a consensual polygamous relationship, 3 will always be a crowd.
3. Walk the dog because you have to and not because the dog reminded you to. (And if in any case you've still forgotten to, please NEVER use "I'm just human" as an excuse. It's an insult to mankind!)
4. Always throw the garbage out. This applies to both living and non. The longer you keep your garbage, the more it stinks! Dispose them wisely and figuratively speaking - Do Not Recycle Trash.
5. Smell the roses but be wary of thorns. You know the drill.
6. Run. Stumble. Look funny. Laugh at yourself. Let others laugh at you too. But stand at some point and start walking!
7. Avoid people who gossip, regarding life and work, especially online. You don't want to be associated with the outdated ones! You know, those who have never even heard of CTRL C/V/P? These people will put you in great risk.
8. You + God - Religious Fanatics = Awesome! Your faith is for you to live. It is not dictated by any norms, society, even people. Religious debates will drive you mad, so it's better to maintain a more personal connection with The Divine than wasting your time arguing.
9. Make money. Spend it. Get a life! But remember to save enough cash, time, and energy for the future. Some people get too consume in living NOW they forget about TOMORROW and the day after that.
10. Read. Write. It keeps you literate.
11. Count calories. Your math will improve! Who knows, maybe your waistline too.
12. Be happy. Eat the right amount of junk food. Yes, that's right! I said junkfood. Come on, everyone cheats in their diet. But eat in moderation.
13. Be happier. Break rules once in a while. Get ridiculously drunk, do pole dancing, go bungee-jumping, whatever else you still haven't tried. I have seen a lot of uptight people snap at some point, whining about not "living the life." I suggest that you try doing crazy things now while you still have time.
14. Be happiest. Never go to bed with a weary heart. If your day sucks so bad and you need to cry, scream, phone a friend - then do so. But never let bad thoughts haunt you to sleep for it will cause you nothing but nightmares.
15. Let it all go. Then go back to #1.

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I Killed Stress

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This article was published on 2010/03/29