Managing Stress When You Are the Boss

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Even if you have the best business plan in the world and the greatest staff many bosses and supervisors find it very hard to keep work related stress in check. The stress can not only negatively impact the individual but the business as a whole as well. Here are a few ways to keep all that stress under control:

Take a MHD - That's a mental health day. Many bosses believe that the idea of taking a day off is an impossible dream, that one eight hour absence would mean that their business or office would collapse. This is an egotistical way to look at things and not very good for your health either. Your staff will cope without you for a day and taking some time to indulge in a day to yourself (free of your cell phone or lap top) could be just what you need to recharge your batteries.

Keep Fit - Going to the gym may seem like another impossible task for the busy boss. How can they justify spending a half hour on a treadmill when there is work to be done back at the office, and lots of it? Maybe because study after study has actually shown that regular exercise - even just a little bit of it - boosts creativity and self-esteem as well as keeping you in shape. Schedule your gym time just like you would any other business function and make sure you keep the appointment!

Eating right is important as well. Many people turn to junk food in times of stress which makes them sluggish, lethargic and quite possibly overweight, not the best shape for a busy professional to be in. Simple things like changing that candy bar for a yogurt and that fast food burger for a salad is a great way to start.

Accept Help - It may be easier to do everything yourself rather than take the time to explain something to another employee or subordinate but you are not a superhero. Delegate tasks to others and you will not be running around stressing out about getting everything done in time. Delegating is not a sign of weakness, it's the mark of a good boss.

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Managing Stress When You Are the Boss

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This article was published on 2010/04/14