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One way to avoid ending up needing stress help: Don't take your work home. Leave it behind the closed door at the work place. If you have to take your work home try to only take the physical part of it home. Leave any angst, such as coworker stress or deadlines, where they originated (at the work place). Take a deep breath, or put a favorite song in your ear.

Pinch and tug your earlobes for a few seconds.

Get your mind off of it-major stress help-walk away for a minute or two.

Stand up and stretch -right where you are.

Look away...

Do another project and come back to what you were originally doing.


Drink some water-sip on it throughout your shift-helps prevent stress headaches. Give yourself a goal of doing a certain amount of work so you can take a sip. This will make you appreciate what you already like even more. Be proud of yourself for accomplishing a goal.

Go for a walk at Lunch. This is Stress help that will get you through the rest of the day.

20 minute daily work out. Before or after work will do the trick for some stress help.

Don't be hard on yourself. Give yourself a break-not only mentally but emotionally as well.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Try not to multitask to the extent that you cannot concentrate.

If errors are made simply do what needs to be done to fix them.

Don't dwell on the fault of it focus on the solution and what you can do to accomplish it.

A.) Don't focus on the fact that a coworker made a mistake or didn't finish a task. Simply fix it or finish it so what needs to be done can be. Bring it up in a casual conversation with that person but don't leave nasty notes or complain to everyone. You could say something polite like "Could you please not...or "Would you mind doing...?" Don't stress yourself out getting upset because something didn't get done that/how you expected it to.

We only have one time on this earth.

Some of my Organizing suggestions: As Believe it or not: Organizing is Great Stress Help!

Clean out your purse (or wallet)-this is a mini goal that you feel good accomplishing.

Organize your desk.

Clean out your car.

Learning to appreciate what you already have and revisiting it with a new vision is the one of the Best ways to relieve stress!

No matter the situations try to look in at it. Take a step back and see it from outside the circle.

In Other Words..

• Don't focus on the problem. Focus on a solution.

• Or what didn't get done right or at all.

• Focus on the big picture! Always!

• What can be done to fix it and how.

It's just one day-one shift. You will be earning a paycheck at the end of the week.

Did you know that it takes a lot more energy to get upset and stressed out about a situation than simply being calm about it?

Always - Greet people when you see them. Feel good about yourself - knowing you are not going to let things get to you. Let people know that you stand your ground and that you are confident. [Most importantly] Let yourself know: You Deserve a Break.

1.) Get a good night's sleep!

2.) Smile for no reason. (I like this one :-)

3.) LAUGH...Change your home page on your computer so that it includes comics. Read the comics in the local newspaper.

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This article was published on 2010/03/31