Stress - How To Cope Effectively And Manage Stress

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Stress is triggered when a person is facing an external stimulus that can be considered through many factors. There are two ways of coping with this stress. The first way is to fight the stress by thinking in action how to cope to the stress and other way of coping is to run, meaning to flee from the stimuli that cause stress.

Everyday people from all walks of life experience stress due to different factors and thus, they show different stress symptoms that can manifest it depending on the person. Stress can be triggered by factors such as personal and family problems, crisis and work-related and manifestations can be in terms of physical and emotional symptoms.

Emotional Stress symptom can be as follows: feeling irritable, frustration, restlessness, poor concentration, overeating or vice versa, and insufficient energy in getting things done. Physical or cognitive stress symptoms are as follows muscle tension, pain in lower back area, chest pain, stomach pain, unexplained rashes and skin irritation, sweaty palms, getting "butterflies" in the stomach, muscle spasms, racing or pounding heart, indigestion, diarrhea and unable to sleep. All of these symptoms depend on each person.

Also stress is categorized into four which are eu-stress, distress, hyper stress and hypo-stress. Eu-stress is said to believe opposing to the usual negative feel of stress, since this type of stress put positive energy for the person to cope effectively to a situation and also it gives motivation to a person to fight stress instead of running from stress.

Example of this is the nervousness that we feel overtime we are about to perform in any situation. Distress is a negative way of taking in stress and could also lead to panic if the person let his feelings of stress eat him. It could also lead to illness that will be harmful both on the body and mind.

Person experiencing distress shall be helped when it comes to stress management techniques. Hyper-stress is a type of stress that extends the person's endurance until he/she reaches her/his limits. This could happen in workplace and pregnancy which will have exhaustion as an end result. Hypo-stress is the lost of motivation due to states of depression and end result of loss of creativity.

Stress definitely puts the person to discomfort that's why there is also way on how to manage the stress. Managing the stress is effective way in coping with distress and depression brought about by stress. Effective way to manage stress is to take care of the body and also divert self on recreational activities that will not only take away your mind of the stress but will also in a sense take care of the body.

A good way manage stress is to exercise and have a proper diet. For burn out situations, take a time off and rest and also reflect and meditate. Mediation is a very effective since it will allow you to look onto self and reflect on ways to deal with internal conflicts we have in our life. Effectively managing the stress is the key to live a healthy live since stress is inevitable in our everyday life.
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Stress - How To Cope Effectively And Manage Stress

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This article was published on 2010/10/18