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 How do your handle with stress? Pig out on chocolate mousse? Skip meals? Refill your wineglass a couple of times after dinner? All of these stress reactions, in fact, make staying sleep more hard.  The couple with pets tended to have lower heart rates and blood pressure levels when they faced the stress than the people who did not get pets.


Get start to orient your body to afternoon naps with a 20-minutes of peace relaxation that occurs at the same time every day. If your office get a sofa, all the better, but you could make a temporary nap place with one chair and one improvised ottoman. You might want to have a pillow and an alarm clock at work for nap time. Some cities even have offered sleeping pod franchise where a comfortable sleeping chair is rented at $15 for you to take 20-minute naps. But what about your job? If you take a 20 minutes break to run a shop for coffee, and you can find 20 minutes for a nap.}Recognize yourself. How do you deal with stress? Pig out on chocolate mousse? Do not have meals? Refill your wineglass a couple of times after dinner? All of these classic stress responses actually make falling asleep more difficult. But if you can realize that you are one of those who responds to stress in a way that will prevent you sleep, plan ahead of time how you are going to handle something you just know is going to raise your stress level.

If you know there is big year-end sales meeting is coming up the following week and you have already had some good goals to reach, for example, get into bed one hour early each night this week, which will give your body a biochemical boost of proofing stress growth hormone to ride into the week.

If you realize that you are going to see your ex while he drops off your child Sunday evening, stop doing your work and meditate for 20 minutes before he will arrive.

Or if you are intending to attend a huge wedding and you know that hanging out with hundred people raises your stress level, then you can find a nice quiet place at he gathering like outdoors under a tree, indoors in an upstairs bathroom where you can take a deep breath, close your eyes for 10 minutes, and enjoy the peace of being alone.

See the comedy central. If you like unwind in front of the TV every night, watch one of the channels that show several laughs. Researchers asked 16 persons to watch a funny videotape while the researchers measured many biochemical related to stress. What is the result? When study volunteers tuned in to the videotape, their levels of stress hormones really dropped significantly and anti-stress growth hormone rose nearly 87 percent.

In one analysis researchers estimated the heart health of 240 couples, half of whom got a pet. Those couples who got pets had significantly lower heart rates and blood pressure as they exposed to stressors than the couples who did not have pets. That means that stress is less likely to be affecting their sleep.







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Tackle Stress For A Deep Stress

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Tackle Stress For A Deep Stress

This article was published on 2011/01/18